Florin Cîțu talks about postponing the payment of energy bills: “It’s something we already did last year with the payment of taxes, I don’t see why we couldn’t do it again this year”

Carmen Radu oct. 14, 2021 0 comentarii
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The sacked Prime Minister Florin Cîțu launched on Wednesday the idea of postponing the payment of energy bills, as the European Commission has proposed, among the measures that can be taken for consumers affected by the energy price hike, postponing the payment of bills or temporarily lowering taxes on energy.

“There are measures we can consider. Last year we did this with taxes. Last year we postponed tax payments for a period for companies. I wouldn’t see why we couldn’t do that this year for individuals or for companies together. These are measures that I think are good, I will consider them and we can use them. We have already advanced compensation, we have talked about capping prices. Deferring bills – this is something we already did last year, so I wouldn’t see a difference from the exceptional situation last year,” said Cîțu.

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