Director of the SME Credit Guarantee Fund: companies financed from SME Invest returned 13 billion lei the state budget

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The only program that led to economic growth was SME Invest, said Dumitru Nancu, general manager of the National Credit Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises (FNGCIMM), at the video conference – SMEs, oxygen for Romania. He mentioned that over 13 billion lei were returned to the state budget from the 26,000 financed companies.

The financial instrument that supported economic growth in the first quarter was the SME Invest program, he said. “Through SME Invest, 26 thousand companies, small and medium enterprises were financed. The financial-banking system, the 23 partners of the Fund, granted loans worth 15 billion, money paid to the economy “, said Nancu. He mentioned that more than 13 billion lei returned to the state budget from the 26,000 companies. This is the major role of these financial instruments because there has been a lot of talk about these financial instruments. I want to say that in the PNRR there are 450 million euros only on financial instruments and there is also the fund for funds that will manage these 450 million euros “, the general director of FNGCIMM also transmitted.
Nancu specified that in 2021 the Government modified the SME Invest program. “In 2021, the Government substantially modified the SME Invest program, in the sense that three categories of beneficiaries were added: medium-capitalized enterprises – those SMEs that exceed 249 employees, but not more than 500 employees and the turnover is more than 50 million, but up to 100 million euros “, said Nancu, who mentioned that the other two newly created categories were the Agro Invest program and the one for the liberal professions.

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