Environment Minister on “Green Friday”: ban on installing individual gas-boilers in new apartment buildings is being prepared

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Dwellings in apartment buildings that are being built now will be able to have shared central heating or will be connected to city heating networks. The Ministry of the Environment, Water and Forests (MMAP) is preparing a set of measures, including a ban on the installation of gas-boilers in blocks of flats now under construction, announced Minister Tanczos Barna on his Facebook page on “Green Friday” (the day of the week when public transport can be used free of charge).

“Both the ministry, the local authorities and the citizens must make efforts for cleaner air. With the onset of cold weather, air pollution puts our health increasingly at risk, as harmful substances get trapped in air layers near the surface as a result of heating homes and traffic, especially if the weather is calm, cold and dry. The #GreenYear campaign points out that by opting for public transport as often as possible we can reduce pollution from traffic, and we need to find long-term solutions for green house heating. For these reasons, we are preparing a set of measures at the Ministry, including the interdiction to install individual gas-boilers in apartment buildings under construction”, the Minister said. He noted that new homes would be able to have shared central heating or be connected to the heating networks of cities, which “must be modernized on the basis of an action plan”.

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