An IT company is developing an application to encourage cycling. It was launched in Cluj-Napoca and Oradea

bicicleta si pista

The Cluj-based company Life is Hard has developed an application for the North-West Regional Development Agency (ADR North-West), within a European project, which encourages cycling. The application provides information on the level of use of the various routes used by cyclists and pedestrians and is currently available in Cluj-Napoca and Oradea.

Cyclists have access to information about their travels (km traveled, calories burned, low CO2 emissions, money savings), but also to an interactive map with useful information if you ride (bike lanes, racks, shops and services, alerts). Cyclists can also receive rewards depending on the number of km cycled or traveled on foot, given that town halls, companies or associations can launch various competitions.

“Apart from passionate cyclists, the rest of the citizens are not motivated enough to use the bicycle as an alternative to motorized transport. Based on this need, the WheeleyGo project was born, aimed at promoting cycling and walking (active mobility) and improving the quality of the environment and public health. The project addresses both local public authorities – by providing information on the level of use of various routes used by cyclists and pedestrians – and the private sector, giving companies a good opportunity to promote and support active mobility, “they say. the developer’s representatives. The project team mentions that the example for its own application came from the Region of Andalucia, Spain, where there is such an initiative.

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