Another Romanian Technology company goes public: AROBS from Cluj wants to list on the AeRO market this year and buy other IT companies

BVB, Bursa de Valori București

AROBS Transilvania Software, a Romanian IT company, wants to list on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), Agerpres reports. The company’s management has been talking about listing for several years, but now there is a deadline: by the end of the year. The capital raised in the private placement will be used to acquire other IT companies.

Before the listing, AROBS will carry out a private placement for shares with the intention of raising about 75 million lei by increasing the company’s share capital by 13.62%. The placement for the new ordinary shares of AROBS will take place this month and will be brokered by brokerage BRK Financial Group SA.

“We have managed to combine, under one umbrella, the software development services part, with the software solutions creation area. We have started, since 2002, this process of developing solutions where we own the intellectual property […] Listing on the stock exchange and running corporate operations through the capital market and with the support of investors represents a new vehicle for business growth for the years to come”, said Voicu Oprean, founder and CEO of AROBS.

AROBS Transilvania Software, founded in 1998 by Voicu Oprean, specializes in providing custom software solutions, but also owns several software solutions that are already established in the Romanian market and in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

“The development of custom solutions for clients is achieved by using state-of-the-art web, mobile, embedded and cloud technologies. All these services are used by global companies in industries such as automotive, travel & hospitality, IoT, pharmaceutical industry, banking institutions, major enterprises in various industries,” the release said.

AROBS’ customer portfolio includes more than 8,000 companies in 14 countries across Europe, America and Asia, in both products and services.

Since 2003, the company has been developing its own software products and solutions such as TrackGPS, a fleet management and monitoring solution, Optimall, a business automation suite for HoReCa retail and distribution companies, RateWizz – an application dedicated to the hotel industry, and a solution for digitizing school textbooks. A few months ago, AROBS launched MonePOS, a mobile POS, contactless and paperless payment solution.

Following acquisitions made by AROBS over the last three years, the company also owns the following software products: SASFleet – also known as – for GPS monitoring of car fleets (TrackGPS complementary solution), TrueHR and dpPayroll – solutions for managing human resources and payroll processes, and SoftManager – a CRM solution that works as an extension of an ERP. With the acquisition of CoSo Benelux in 2018, AROBS opened a new business line in the RPA (robotic process automation) sub-sector in the area of logistics and TMS.

“The capital raised in the private placement will be used to acquire other companies in the IT sector – software services, fleet management solutions, as well as business optimization – both nationally and internationally, through which the company will be able to accelerate its growth and strengthen its position in the markets where it is present,” say company representatives.

At the same time, AROBS also plans to expand geographically, by strengthening its subsidiaries in Germany and the UK and opening a subsidiary in North America, as well as developing new lines of expertise and specializations, as the company believes that the growing demand for software services and solutions globally represents a beneficial market context for AROBS.

In terms of the company’s shareholding structure, Voicu Oprean holds 72.77% of the shares, 10% are shares to be used in the Stock Option Plan to be implemented within the company, Cabrio Investment SRL holds 10%, and management and key employees hold 7.21% of AROBS shares. The company has a three-member Board of Directors: Voicu Oprean, Chairman, Mihaela Cleja, member and Group CFO, and Răzvan Gârbacea, independent member, who has 20 years of experience in banking.

In 2020, AROBS Transilvania Software recorded, on an individual basis, a turnover of RON 154.5 million, EBITDA of RON 46.6 million and a net profit of RON 40.4 million. For 2021, the company estimates revenues at consolidated level in the AROBS Group of RON 192.7 million and consolidated EBITDA of RON 52.8 million.

AROBS Transilvania Software is a Romanian company specialized in providing software services and solutions for various industries, with over 8000 partners in Europe, America and Asia. In its 7 offices in Romania and 7 abroad, hundreds of AROBS specialists build the solutions of the future.

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