BREAKING Radical measures proposed by the Ciolos cabinet in the government programme, with economic impact: mandatory green certificate for any activity / Shifting the school year by 2 weeks / Dismissal of state and private employees who come into contact with the public and refuse to present the green certificate

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certificat calatorie COVID

The Ciolos cabinet proposes in the Government programme made public on Sunday a series of specific measures to resolve the current situation in the health system, but also to stimulate vaccination. The green certificate would condition both access to events and shops and the dismissal of employees who refuse to present it.

The Ciolos Government also wants to impose a two-week holiday for pupils, to be made up for next summer by extending the school year – all to stem the tide of Coronavirus infections.

It should be noted that some of these measures – those restricting certain rights – can only enter into force by law, and not by emergency ordinance, according to the CCR decision. The Ciolos cabinet will come to a vote in Parliament next week.

Read the Ciolos Government programme here (Romanian)

The main measures proposed by the Ciolos Government:

– Limitation of social events and non-essential activities in closed public spaces depending on the evolution of the pandemic wave, conditional on the presentation of the green certificate.

– Limiting the number of participants and physical distance for events in open space (pilgrimages, sports events, cultural events, etc.).

– Delayed school year: 2-week holiday, with summer catch-up; return in physical format in localities with incidence below 6/month after the 2 weeks, with online continuation for the rest of the localities. Exception: pre-school and primary education, which continues in physical format.

– Resumption of testing in schools: free (non-invasive) nasal testing by health workers for children and symptomatic or contact teaching and support staff.

– Access to non-essential enclosed spaces (restaurants, cinemas, etc.) only with a green certificate. Access to shopping malls at weekends only with green certificate.

– NATIONAL PACT for Vaccination inviting all political parties, business, civil society and cults

– Use of health certificate for access to work for all employees in the public system and for those in the private system who come into contact with the public, going as far as suspension/termination of employment in case of refusal. Deadline: 30.11.2021

– Allocation of budgetary resources, through the SGG, for use by the NCCAC to fund surveys, focus groups to assess the reasons for resistance to vaccination; national campaigns to promote vaccination adapted to the results obtained from sociological research, funding of a task force to combat fake news; training with family doctors and specialist doctors. Involve popular opinion leaders (influencers, artists) in the effort. Politicians are not convincing, stop political involvement in the campaign. Deadline: 30.10.2021

– Penalties for doctors who spread anti-vaccination messages in public. Deadline: 30.11.2021

– A plan to lift access and movement restrictions strictly conditional on the vaccination rate of the eligible population in a community, in addition to the incidence rate. Deadline: 30.10.2021

– Elimination of quarantine leave allowance for unvaccinated persons. Deadline: 30.10.2021

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