Bucharest public transportation company proposes changes to fares: 3 lei ticket / hour, 500 lei annual subscription. The proposal will be voted on in the General Council

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The Bucharest Transport Company proposed to the Capital City Hall an increase of the ticket fares to 3 lei per hour on public transport and to introduce a subscription of 500 lei per year, announced on Friday the general director of STB, Adrian Crit. The decision must be approved by the General Council.

Another aspect that the head of the STB talked about is the tariff integration with Metrorex and CFR Călători (n.r for the train ticket Gara de Nord – Otopeni, which now costs 4 lei, Metrorex, and CFR Passengers operating under the Ministry of Transport).

„The Bucharest-Ilfov Transport Intercommunity Development Association (ADITBI) has the attributions with the modification of the tariffs at the moment. It is true, that together with my colleagues, I thought of a model that would benefit the frequent user of public transport. What did we come up with? The fact that we have to promote seasonal tickets to the detriment of occasional travelers. Citizens who travel daily by public transport must have benefits, and these benefits must be quantified by the quality of transport and by tariffs that benefit them. In this sense, we have proposals and these days I will go to ATDBI and the mayor general with a tariff proposal, and here I mean the hourly rate and the 90-minute rate. We also want the implementation on the European model of half-year subscriptions, annual subscriptions with major benefits for the citizen “, explained Crit, answering a question regarding the fare of 1.3 lei per trip.

Approximately 1,500 buses and trolleybuses in the car park of the Bucharest Transport Company will have, beginning next week, a monitoring and dispatching system that allows the direct interaction of dispatchers with drivers in order to comply with the traffic schedule, said Adrian Crit.

Through the facility of monitoring buses and trolleybuses with GPS systems, the dispatchers have access to information on the degree of vehicle loading, thus having the ability, in real-time, to determine how crowded areas on the route are. In addition, to improving arrival times at stations, the application also offers the possibility to streamline internal activities, by reducing vehicle maintenance costs, increasing productivity, and improving the driving style of STB drivers, explained the director of STB.

“By using the fleet monitoring service, we want to develop the public transport service in the metropolitan area so that the traffic schedule corresponds to the requirements of the traveling public by respecting the intervals of succession between vehicles. By intervening operatively and punctually in the correction of the activity performed by the drivers of the vehicles, we expect a decrease in the number of incidents registered in traffic ”, declared the General Manager of STB SA, Adrian Crit.

The monitoring of the tramway system is also not functional at this time, as the tram cars are not equipped with a GPS monitoring system

Sursa foto: Facebook/STB

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