Enel X Romania has signed an agreement with Hubject to expand the infrastructure for recharging electric cars

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Romanian electric car drivers will be able to charge their cars using an extensive network of recharging points worldwide, after over 160 recharging points owned by Enel X Romania will become part of the largest eRoaming recharging network in Europe, Hubject, according to a company press release quoted by Agerpres.

Until now, access to Enel X Romania recharging points has been possible only through the JuicePass application. The connection to Hubject’s eRoaming Intercharge platform makes electric mobility infrastructure more accessible to a larger number of drivers, beyond national borders. They will not have to sign new contracts in addition to those with electric mobility service providers using Hubject’s eRoaming services.

“Enel X Romania is taking a new step forward to develop electric mobility infrastructure by expanding recharging services beyond its own network. By joining Hubject, we aim to increase accessibility for electric vehicle drivers, first in Romania and Eastern Europe, and to give them the opportunity to recharge their batteries without worrying about who their supplier is. or the fact that they are abroad “, said Mihai Mardale, director of E-Mobility, Enel X Romania.

“We are convinced that our partnership with Enel X Romania will have a favorable impact on the adoption of EVs in the region and we look forward to developing collaboration between us,” said Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject.

Enel X Romania has a network of over 160 recharging points installed in 20 cities, both in public and private spaces, in malls or hypermarkets.

Also, Enel X Romania offers the possibility of recharging in the private area. There are electric mobility solutions for home or office, which make life easier for drivers of electric vehicles.

Translated from Romanian by Service For Life S.R.L.

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