Mol and Rompetrol can begin construction of the 13 new gas stations and charging stations for electric cars on the highways between Nădlac and Constanţa

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The NATIONAL COMPANY FOR ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE ADMINISTRATION (CNAIR) handed over to Rompetrol Downstream SRL and Mol Petroleum Products SRL the 13 service spaces on the A1 and A2 Highways between Nădlac II and Constanţa, which must now be fitted, within a year, with new gas stations and charging stations for electric cars.

There are 13 service spaces (26 in both directions) at Pecica, Şagu, Giarmata, Recaş, Traian Vuia, Făget, Ilia, Orăştie, Pianu, Câlnic, Cristian, Piteşti on A 1 respectively at Murfatflar on A 2 – Autostrada Soarelui.

„The concessionaires took over the service spaces on the Starting Date provided in the contract in order to operate, maintain the service spaces and execute the minimum mandatory facilities provided in the Specifications: parking, public toilets, fuel distribution stations, including electric vehicle recharging stations, commercial spaces, and snack bars ”, announces the CNAIR in a press release.

The deadline by which all mandatory minimum facilities must be completed is 12 months from the start date.

For each service space there is also a minimum value of the annual fee: for example between 2.4 million lei for the service space on A1 Lugoj-Deva at km 428 and 11 million lei for the service space near the Nădlac customs 2. the CNAIR will collect over 50 million lei per year from the renting of the 13 service spaces.


Spaţiu de Servicii de pe Autostrada A1

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