Brand Finance 2021: Dacia remains the most valuable brand in Romania, valued at 1.1 billion euros

Dacia, Mioveni

Dacia remains the leader in the Brand Finance Romania 50 ranking for the fifth year in a row, valued up to 1.1 billion euros, despite a significant decrease in value (-18%) compared to last year. In second place is eMAG’s brand, followed by Dedeman at 407 million euros, despite a -8.5% decrease from the previous year, and remains the most valuable brand wholly owned by Romanian entrepreneurs.

According to the Brand Finance Ranking, a firm specializing in brand valuation consulting, eMAG’s brand is valued at 799 million euros, up 5.8% from last year due to the fact that the online sales market was strongly stimulated by the outbreak of the pandemic.

Banca Transilvania, a brand valued at 376 million euros has also seen a strong appreciation in value of 14.4%.

It should also be noted that the Catena brand entered the top 10 for the first time, with a 15% increase in value, up to 122 million euros, while Bitdefender drops to 11th place.

The most valuable Romanian brands

Dacia – 1.1 billion euro

eMAG – 799 million euro

Dedeman – 407 million euro

Banca Transilvania – 376 million euro

Petrom – 371 million euro

Digi –295 million euro

BRD –165 million euro

Electrica – 163 million euro

BCR –131 million euro

Catena –122 million euro

The total cumulative value of the top 50 Romanian brands decreased overall by 3.7% in the last year, to 5.6 billion euros, while the Romanian economy registered a decrease of 3.9% in 2020, according to the Brand Finance report.

The largest jump is attributed to the pharmaceutical retail brand Tei Pharmacy, which climbed 11 places to 37th place, after a notable increase of 30% in value, up to 23 million euros.

The 10 most valuable portfolios

Brand Finance also analyzes the 10 most valuable brand portfolios, valuing those companies that have more than one brand in the market.

The top 10 brand portfolios are virtually unchanged since 2017, as none of the other competitors had grown large enough to make their way into the rankings.

What is new for this year is the remarkable 22% increase in value of the Ursus Breweries portfolio to 213 ­million euros, which strengthens its leadership position, a growth mainly supported by the Timişoreana and Ursus brands. In contrast, the Cris-Tim portfolio recorded the largest decrease in value (-24%) up to EUR 52 million.

Translated by: O.H.

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