Lidl becomes retail market leader after dethroning Kaufland and Carrefour

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German retailer Lidl became the leader of the food retail market last year with a turnover of 12.86 billion lei,  overtaking rival Kaufland, part of the same German group. In third place came the French retailer Carrefour.

Thus, Lidl reported for 2020 a turnover of 12.86 billion lei, and expenses of 12 billion lei. The company with 8,779 employees registered a net profit of 756.3 million lei, according to data reported to the Ministry of Finance, quoted by In comparison, in 2019, Lidl had a turnover of 9.7 billion lei and a net profit of 491 million lei.

Instead, Kaufland, part of the same Schwarz group, headquartered in Neckarsulm, reported a turnover of 12.83 billion lei and a profit of 970 million lei for last year. The company ended the year with 13,108 employees. Kaufland also grew compared to 2019, when it had a turnover of 11.8 billion lei, a profit of 992 million lei, and almost 12,500 employees.

In third place in the ranking is the French retailer Carrefour, with net revenues of 9 billion lei, a profit of 235 million lei, and 10,523 employees. The French business increased its sales in Romania, from 8.2 billion lei in 2019.

The previous year’s ranking was as follows: Kaufland, Carrefour, Lidl.

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