Romania, at the bottom of the EU and 44th place in the world ranking on quality of life and social well-being

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Romania climbed one position, to 44th out of 168 countries, in the world ranking on quality of life and social well-being, but continues to remain in last place among European Union member states, after Hungary and Bulgaria, according to the Social Progress Index 2021 study on quality of life and social well-being, conducted by the non-profit organization Social Progress Imperative, with the support of Deloitte, according to Agerpres.

Romania scores 78.41 out of 100, a slightly higher score than the previous year, and is, according to the survey, among the third-ranked countries, after Argentina, Hungary and Bulgaria.

The Social Progress Index (SPI) measures the quality of life and social well-being of citizens in 168 countries, based on the analysis of three main dimensions. The methodology involves scoring items in the basic needs category (food and basic health care, water and sanitation, housing and personal safety), well-being items (access to basic education, access to information and communication, health and well-being, environmental quality) and opportunity items (personal rights, personal freedom and choice, inclusion, access to advanced education). On the basis of the score, the countries in the ranking are grouped into six categories, in descending order.

“We would have expected the COVID-19 pandemic to reverse the social progress made over a number of years, but it is remarkable that this year’s global index is slightly higher than last year’s (65.05 points out of 100, compared to 64.68 in 2020). This shows how resilient and resourceful people, organizations and companies are when faced with large and persistent challenges. At the same time, we would all like to see Romania move up from last place in Europe, which has not happened this year, despite the progress our country has made in all three categories analyzed – basic needs, well-being and opportunities,” explains Alexandru Reff, Country Managing Partner, Deloitte Romania and Moldova.

In the world ranking, Romania is in the top 50 countries in all three categories, basic needs (41st place), opportunities (45th place) and well-being (50th place). Analyzing the scores for each of the three categories, our country scored highest for access to communications and information (35th place), personal security (38th place), personal rights (41st place) and access to advanced education (43rd place). At the other end of the scale, the coordinates examined for Romania that scored less well were inclusion (85th place), health and well-being (81st place) and access to basic education (73rd place).

Globally, Norway maintains its leading position with a score of 92.63. In 2021, the top places in the ranking after Norway are Finland and Denmark, and the bottom places are Chad, Central African Republic and South Sudan. Among EU Member States, Finland (2), Denmark (3) and Sweden (7) top the rankings with a high quality of life.

In the Central and Eastern European region, Estonia (21) ranks highest, followed by the Czech Republic (22), Slovenia (26), Lithuania (27), Slovakia (33), Latvia (34), Poland (35), Croatia (36), Hungary (42), Bulgaria (43) and Romania (44).

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