Romanian DIY chain Brick Romania is developing an online platform to facilitate product delivery across the country

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Brick Ovidiu

The Romanian chain of DIY, home improvement and project stores DYI Brick Romania announces the development of a new online platform in partnership with Orange Business Services to facilitate the delivery of products throughout the country.

The new platform will be developed in the next three months of this year and will be a custom-made one, with real-time updated stock levels and loyalty campaigns. This new platform complements the company’s expansion strategy, which announces the opening of regional centers that will allow people at the confluence of small towns to have easy access to sourcing home improvement and maintenance products.

Thus, in the vicinity of each large town where a Brick store will open, the company also plans to set up regional centers for people living in the bordering or rural areas of the county as part of its business development and expansion strategy.

A first regional center was inaugurated this summer in Ovidiu, a town in Constanta, with a total investment of €4 million. The company is currently in negotiations to open regional centers in Ghimbav and Câmpina.

According to Oana Nechita, CEO of the Constanta-based company, “these two strategic directions – the development of the new online platform and the expansion of the network of regional centers – will allow us to reach a larger audience in regional areas not covered by our business segment. Our brand is utilitarian and pragmatic, and as time is costly in our industry, our customers are discerning in this regard too. That’s why it’s vital for us and for them to be very accessible, well positioned as a proximity. In areas further away from the big cities, customers do not have easy access to locations for home improvement and maintenance products, and people have to travel longer distances for such purchases. Therefore, we have set out this year, especially for people at the confluence of small towns, to open regional centres that will serve their needs and save them the time-consuming and tedious trips to traditional retail parks, as well as developing the online platform that will allow us to deliver nationwide.”

The first regional point in this series, which opened on 2 July 2021, is the regional center in the town of Ovidiu in Constanta, which is aimed at an area of 60,000 inhabitants, including the towns of Lumina, Mihail Kogălniceanu, Cogealac, Tariverde, Corbu or Săcele, Năvodari and Mamaia Sat, an area not commercially covered in the county until now. It is built on a usable area of 2,728.10 sqm and outside there are about 150 parking spaces. Also, with the new center 30 new employees joined the Brick Romania team.

Brick Romania will also open central stores for residents of big cities, in convenient locations in cities such as Bucharest, Oradea, Satu Mare or Cluj.

Brick Romania was established in 2002 and supplies universal products used for building, maintenance, decoration or home decoration.

After the Brick Constanta store opened in 2002, in the last three years three new stores have been opened. Thus, the Constanta-based company Brick has been present since 2017 on the southern coastal market through the Brick Mangalia store, in 2019 the company opened the Brick Giurgiu store, and in the summer of 2021 the Ovidiu regional center was opened. For 2021, Brick Romania also plans to finalize negotiations for locations in Oradea, Satu Mare, Ploiesti, Cluj and Bucharest. At present, the Brick Romania team counts about 300 employees, a number that will increase with the opening of new stores.

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