12,000 electric and hybrid cars bought through the Rabla Program – Vice President Environment Fund Administration/Funding for 200 charging stations dedicated to electric cars

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12,000 electric and plug-in hybrid cars could be purchased through the Rabla Plus Program by the end of the year, with 9,700 applications submitted so far, Ion Vasile, Vice-President of the Environment Fund Administration (AFM), announced today at the official opening of the Bucharest Motor Show. The Ministry of the Environment is encouraging the purchase of clean cars with a €9,500 rebate on the purchase of a 100% electric car, a significant increase compared to 2020 when only 3,550 cars were financed.

So far, 9700 applications for electric and hybrid cars have been registered. This year we estimate around 12 000 electric and hybrid cars. Similarly, one of the major goals is to develop the charging infrastructure. Through AFM funding, 200 charging stations for electric cars have been financed. Thanks to the new funding guide we have a sensibility for local authorities worth 500 million lei. Plus a state aid scheme for economic operators on the main transport corridors (TEN-T and Core) session of 50 million Euro that we will open early next year”, pointed out the AFM Vice-President.

Also at the Bucharest Motor Show, the dismissed Minister of Finance, Dan Vîlceanu, announced programs for electric cars, even the intention to install a recharging station in each locality: “Year after year, more and more money comes in, so that the car fleet can be renewed with new technologies, electric cars, and with all the programs we have, the Rabla program for renewing the car fleet. The policy is to discourage the import of used cars and to renew the fleet. Also in the NRRP are a number of measures to increase the number of charging stations. We had a discussion with Minister Cseke Attila about the fact that we want a charging station to be financed in every locality through the NRRP. In the future the school minibuses that will be bought from now on will be electric”, said Dan Vîlceanu.

For Rabla Classic the scrapping premium was increased this year from 6500 to 7500 lei and for Rabla Plus a discount of 4500 Euro is granted for hybrid electric cars and 9500 Euro for 100% electric ones.

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Sursa foto: Pexels

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