Demand for new connection requests for Power and gas grid skyrockets creating backlog after law eliminates connection costs

Carmen Radu apr. 21, 2021 0 comentarii

The requests for connection to the natural gas network and to the electricity network have exploded”, after the law eliminates customer obligation to pay for grid connection fees. The minister for energy Virgil Popescu states that the demand now exceeds the physical and financial capacities of the utility companies

Connection to the natural gas network became free in October 2020, and in December the connection to the electricity network followed and became free as well, following changes adopted by the Energy Regulatory Authority. The operator of the natural gas distribution system must bear the costs necessary connection costs for every new request, which it can recover within 5 years through the distribution tariffs.

“Unfortunately, the legislative changes of the past have generated a situation for which we must now find solutions. These legislative changes have blocked developments, and now demand has exploded, exceeding the physical and financial capabilities of utility companies. This situation must be resolved now “, declared on Tuesday the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu.

He participated in a meeting with representatives for the electricity and natural gas distribution companies, members of the Employers’ Federation of Associations of Energy Utility Companies (ACUE).

He also said that we need to “talk about the long-term strategy, principles, and objectives, and look at absolutely all aspects and find the balance in such a way as to solve the problems on time.”

“In this sense, I expressed my willingness to contribute actively and constructively, through the working group I proposed, in which to identify problems and find solutions for all factors involved. It is necessary to explain very well what is done with the connections and what is done with the extensions because we implement changes that are valid in the long run, so as not to change them every five months. When it comes to connections, we have domestic and non-domestic consumers. The issue of grid extension branches into many segments, “he said.

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