Clotilde Armand wants to turn Matache Square in Bucharest into a “cultural hub and gastronomy pole”. Craft workshops, cinema and fairs on the premises

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Matache Square, a landmark of Bucharest for a century and a half, will undergo a radical change. What is now traditionally a market will become a “cultural hub and a pole of local gastronomy”. At least that’s what the City Hall of Sector 1, led by Clotilde Armand, wants.

The commercial spaces adjacent to the square agri-food market will be demolished to make way for new buildings, where there will be craft workshops, cultural-educational spaces for learning trades and skills, cafes, restaurants, and food trucks, themed fairs, according to the specifications in the specifications. All new buildings should comply with the latest European energy and water-saving requirements.

“New construction with height regime S+P+E: Basement for parking of 350 cars and technical spaces in an area of approximately 10,768 sqm; Ground floor for public spaces and commercial spaces in pavilion system accessible from covered galleries, public catering, car access in an area of approximately 8. 000 sq.m; Floor for lounge area, concerts, open cinema, cafes, bar, with an area of approximately 4,800 sq.m and terraces with an area of approximately 3,200 sq.m; Land development for ensuring circulation, configuring access routes, landscaping, furniture and urban facilities with an area of approximately 3,725.50 sq.m.”, is the description of the tender from SICAP.

In translation, what is now the agglomeration of commercial premises adjacent to the square would be demolished and in their place would be a new building, with an area of over 10,000 square meters, with a height of 1S + G + E, where all the objectives desired by PS1 would be integrated. In addition, there would be a car park, pedestrian walkways, and public spaces. Basically, the City Hall would like Matache Square to become a kind of cultural district, to be used as a tourist landmark in Bucharest, and not only for supplying products.

The feasibility study has an estimated cost of 718,000 lei and will include topography, geotechnics, traffic study, and others and should be completed within 110 days of signing the contract with the winning firm. Bids will open on 17 January. They will be ranked according to price, the solution for the redevelopment of the Market, the proposals made to increase the attractiveness of the area, and the solution with the lowest carbon footprint.

It should be noted that the SF can be executed, but the project to rebuild the Matache Market, which will be based on this study, must be voted on in the City Council of Sector 1, where PNL and PSD have an absolute majority.

Matache Market in Bucharest is located at the intersection of Căii Griviței and Calea Buzești, a famous place of transit for merchants at the end of the 19th century. Among them was the butcher Loloescu Matache. He started his business after the War of Independence, around 1879, when the famous Matache hall began to be built. At that time, the intersection of Griviței and Buzești Streets was on the outskirts of the city. On 18 January 1948, the “Matache Măcelaru” Market became a state market with the name of “Ilie Pintilie” Market. In 2012, Matache Square was demolished by the then-mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, in order to widen Buzești Street. Afterward, the new food market and modular kiosks for various traders were built on a metal structure, and this is how the market looks like now.

Sursa foto: Facebook / Piata Matache

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