Agreement between Romania and The Philippines for the employment of more Filipino workers

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The Philippine labor market continues to expand in Europe after a Philippine government official, Silvestre Bello III, and the Romanian embassy’s business manager signed a memorandum of understanding for the employment of more Filipino workers in Romania, according to local publication Sunstar as cited by Rador.

There are only 1,500 Filipino workers in Romania at the moment, mostly in companies in the fields of health, safety, and transportation.

The Romanian ambassador stated that his country has a competitive labor market because emigrants from several Asian countries come to work in Romania, including Vietnam, Nepal, and India.

The memorandum is both a framework and a starting point for collaboration between the Romanian and the Philippine governments, to ensure that Filipinos will be protected in Romania.

Romania is the seventh European country to conclude a bilateral labor agreement with the Philippines, in addition to the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain.

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