Chanel vs. Huawei lawsuit: Chinese company wins challenge by French luxury goods manufacturer for its new logo

logo Chanel si Huawei sursa wikipedia

The French fashion house Chanel challenged in court the new logo the Chinese brand Huawei it wants to register in the EU, arguing that it had too many similarities with its own logo, but the European court rejected the complaint.

The judges on the EU Tribunal ruled that the logos in question are not similar, according to La Repubblica, quoted by Rador. Therefore, Huawei can continue to register the logo, for which it filed an application with the Office of the European Union (Euipo) in 2017.

Both emblems use a repeated and crossed letter: in Chanel’s case, it is the well-known C, positioned in a mirror image (one on the right, the other on the left). The two letters intersect in the center, forming a kind of vertical ellipse. In the case of Huawei, the U’s are intertwined, one facing up, one facing down, forming a horizontal ellipse.

The two brands “have some similarities, but the visual differences are significant”, decided the European court, which also said that there is no risk of any confusion on the part of the customer-consumer.

The Chanel fashion house can appeal the sentence.

Foto: Logo-urile Chanel și Huawei / Wikipedia

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