Dacia has delivered Duster models without central locking in France due to the parts crisis

dacia duster nou

Even if Dacia’s models are not sophisticated, Renault still has problems getting all the components it needs to deliver cars even if it fails to get all the components from the foundries. In fact, according to the French publication L’Argus, Dacia will deliver the Duster model without central locking, at least on the French market.

Renault, for example, cannot deliver cars that should have been equipped with AEB emergency braking. The models affected by this problem are, according to Profit.ro, the Zoe, Clio, and Captur, and the versions without AEB equipment will have the price lowered. At Dacia, the major problems are with the air conditioning compressors, whose suppliers are Marelli, Bosch, and Continental, without which the car cannot be assembled.

There have also been problems with the airbag control units, which cannot be removed from the car. One of the problems that have been resolved at Dacia, however, is with the central locking systems on both the Duster and Sandero. These may be missing from the cars on delivery but can be retrofitted as components are supplied.

Dacia representatives told Profit.ro that the only such situation concerned the multimedia systems, which were fitted to the Duster before the facelift. After the restyling, the car received a new multimedia system.

Dacia has had to stop production this year for about 30 days since the beginning of the year, having made losses from cars that have not been produced of several hundred million euros. Romania’s other car plant, Ford, has also had to repeatedly stop production or reduce shifts at the plant due to the semiconductor crisis.

Sursa foto: Dacia.ro

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