Economy Minister announces €500 million programme for microelectronics from 2022: “We are looking in particular at the automotive industry, but we also need semiconductors in agriculture” / Programmes also for the manufacturing industry

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Economy Minister Florin Spătaru announced on Tuesday three support programs for Romanian industry. One program will be dedicated to the production of semiconductors, especially for the automotive industry, but also other sectors such as agriculture, with the minister announcing a budget of €500 million. The first beneficiaries will be announced in January. Another program will be dedicated to the development of collection and processing poles to develop the production of Romanian products. Another will be aimed at creating production clusters by identifying Romanian raw materials and integrating them into production so that they are no longer exported, the minister said.

“The first program I would like to present to you concerns microelectronics. Romania has a tradition in microelectronics, but recently we have become integrators, we buy products that we integrate and then export. What we want through such a project is to develop an ecosystem that includes large companies, SMEs, national development centers and universities, so that we can provide the necessary products for the automotive industry, but also for other sectors of the economy,” said Minister Florin Spătaru.

He said that the automotive industry and agriculture are targeted, but not only.

“We are looking in particular at the automotive industry, but also these are large manufacturers who want to develop these production capacities and they will certainly not stop at the automotive industry. In agriculture we need semiconductors. Romanian agriculture no longer works the way it did 20 years ago, it needs automation, products that use these materials,” he said.

The minister says the program will be funded through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and that there will already be beneficiaries of the funds in January.

“We currently have companies that want to develop production and innovation centers in Romania. With the budget that we have foreseen in the NRRP of €500 million, we want to develop three production centers and also development and innovation centers around universities in Romania. […] We have taken some important steps. We have declared our readiness to implement such a project and we already have a number of companies willing to implement the project. We are in the pre-selection phase, at the end of January we will have a number of beneficiaries of these funds”, added the Minister of Economy.

At the same time, the minister announced a project that concerns the strategy for developing competitiveness in the manufacturing industry.

“We want to develop collection and processing poles so that we can produce and consume Romanian products. Through such a project we can develop value chains, put together the raw material, the processing industry, so that we can have Romanian products on the Romanian market, but also on the European market,” he said.

The minister said the budget for the scheme would be €2 million per year in the first phase.

The third project announced is the national geological program, regulated by law in 2018, but for which the implementing rules have not yet been adopted.

“We want in 2022 to approve these implementing rules and get to work. We want to identify raw materials that can be used in manufacturing and develop production clusters. Romania is an exporter of raw materials, but Romania can and must be a producer of products needed by both the Romanian and European economies and use these resources. We aim to complete all the necessary steps in the first quarter,” the minister said.

He also mentioned that the budget for this scheme will initially be €2 million per year, and the measure will cover the entire period of the NRDP implementation.

“Through these three projects that we will develop in 2022, we believe we can lay a good foundation for the development and reindustrialization of the Romanian economy. I know from my previous experience as a minister that the European Commission is talking a lot about the concept called “security of supply”, so that the necessary strategic products for the European economy are produced in Europe. Through such an approach, Romania can certainly become a pole of competitiveness in European industry. We must take the first steps, show our interest, start developing these industrial policies, and then position ourselves as strategic suppliers in Europe”, concluded Florin Spătaru.

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