Four new outbreaks of avian flu in Mures and Harghita counties. The virus is said to have come from the farm in Ungheni

gaini pasari Sursa foto: Pixabay

The Sanitary-Veterinary Authority (ANSVSA) discovered four new outbreaks of bird flu in households in Harghita and Mures counties, the virus coming from birds bought from a farm in Ungheni – Mures, which was closed last week, according to a statement from the institution.

The first information from the epidemiological investigation shows that these new outbreaks arose from the trade with live birds made intermediaries and shops selling live birds.

Moreover, the investigation shows that the intermediary who distributed the birds on the commercial farm in Mureș County, where the first outbreak was confirmed, also distributed birds (with uncertain health status) in several counties, which represents a high risk of spreading disease and the emergence of new outbreaks, according to ANSVSA.

The Sanitary-Veterinary Authority claims that the results of the epidemiological investigation led to the decision to suspend for 30 days the selling of day-old chicks through intermediaries.

In order to ensure compliance with the restrictive measures for the prevention of the spread of avian influenza virus, the veterinary services together with representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are carrying out control actions, including traffic controls, and  State Border Crossing Points.

Sursa foto: Pixabay

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