Romania to offer visas for digital nomads

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Romania will now be able to offer visas to digital nomads who want to work from our country after President Klaus Iohannis promulgated the law. The law has already been published in the Official Gazette.

Digital nomads – foreigners who are employed with an employment contract in a company registered in a country outside Romania or foreigners who carry out economic activities through a company registered outside Romania can carry out these activities remotely using telecommunications technology.

The enacted law provides for the possibility of obtaining a visa for digital nomads, and includes an additional purpose for the specific category of long-stay visas for “other purposes”.

Thus, in order to obtain this visa, digital nomads must prove that they are employed by a foreign company or provide services through an independent company located outside Romania, registered for at least one year. The digital nomad must be able to demonstrate that the work they do can be carried out using telecommunications technology.

They must have a monthly income above the average income in Romania in the last 6 months prior to the submission of the application, as well as throughout the validity of the visa. More specifically, the minimum income requirement has been set at three times the average gross monthly salary in Romania (around €1,100), which means that digital nomads will need to earn around €3,300 per month. They will also have to prove that they have earned this amount in each of the three months before applying for the visa.

Digital nomads will have to have health insurance for the duration of the visa, submit a criminal record or other documents with the same legal value issued by the authorities of the home or host country, and proof of accommodation.

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