Romanian startup enters the UAE market, following a partnership with Deca4, a blockchain consulting studio

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Sabin Dima, CEO Humans

Romanian startup enters the UAE market, following a partnership with Deca4, a blockchain consultancy studio based in Dubai. Together with the Deca4 team, will support the implementation and development of solutions for startups and tech companies that want to implement artificial intelligence capabilities and innovations such as synthetic media or AI-generated media, especially programs that rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning, Agerpres writes.

Deca4 is a global blockchain and tokenization consultancy focused on providing best practices to help companies in the region implement new technologies and practices, as well as other forms of financial and legal advice in the development of its clients’ businesses.

Deca4 advises startups, corporations, governments and other organizations on the use of distributed ledger and blockchain technology.

E-commerce companies can also leverage artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze user comments and reviews and personalize the online experience for shoppers.

Deca4 is a blockchain consultancy based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with a presence in Europe and Latin America. Its partners and team bring years of technology and business management experience, leveraged by an extensive industry network. Deca4’s partner network includes Hedera Hashgraph, The HBAR Foundation, Securitize, Polymath, EDSX, DigiShares, DAO Maker, Sheesha Finance, Coinstreet, PLC, Karm and many others. is a deep-tech company that created the first ethical AI and blockchain model. The company has developed a platform dedicated to the creation and governance of Artificial Intelligence with a focus on synthetic media. Through its creation studio and token-based provenance and accountability system, ensures that all contributions are fairly rewarded and that each AI is controlled over the long term.

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