The Consumer Protection Agency ANPC proposes the closure of Auchan hypermarkets in Bucharest for up to six months

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  • The National Consumer Protection Agency (ANPC) has today inspected the Auchan retailer’s Bucharest network and proposes the closure for a maximum of six months of the four Auchan units Titan, Vitan, Militari and Berceni in Bucharest. According to ANPC, Auchan Titan, Vitan, Militari and Berceni) have received fines totaling 102,000 lei and complementary measures have been ordered.
    These include:
    – The definitive stop of marketing and withdrawal from human consumption of all non-compliant food products identified in the 4 stores,
    – temporary suspension of service in the assisted display counters
  • delicatessen/cheese, gastro, confectionery, bread, bakery – Auchan Vitan
  • meat, sausages and dairy, bakery, gastro, confectionery, bulk olives – Auchan Militari
  • fish, gastro, confectionery, cold cuts/cheese, smoked meat – Auchan Titan
  • poultry meat, dairy, eggs, butchery, frozen fish, olives, deli/cheese, gastro – Auchan Berceni
  • proposal to close for a maximum of 6 months for all 4 establishments.

The most frequent deviations from the legislation in force, found by the CRPC Bucharest-Ilfov commissioners were:
– marketing of fruit and vegetables with organoleptic changes in appearance, color, consistency, being unfit for human consumption (presence of mold, uneven degree of ripeness, soft consistency on palpation, damaged specimens, mechanical bruising, etc.),
– failure to inform consumers that the peel of certain types of citrus fruit is not intended for human consumption
– the marketing of products whose use-by date has passed,
– failure to keep hot products at a minimum temperature of +60 degrees Celsius in the gastro-food section,
– failure to comply with the temperature indicated by manufacturers for a number of foodstuffs,
– use of raw materials with an outdated use-by date,
– the use of wire sponges and waste bins without lids in the cooking area and the use of damaged utensils
– use of hot display tables without proper sanitation
– the existence of refrigeration unit ventilators and unsensitized refrigeration units,
– the existence of products on sale in the assisted display case without labels showing the date of opening so that their conformity can be established
– in assisted display cases containing bulk cold cuts/cheese/chilled meat, bulk smoked meat, bakery display shelves and bakery product storage space were found:

  • the presence of rust,
  • peeling paint
  • dead insects,
  • hairs,
  • oxidized areas,
  • water build-up from malfunctioning refrigeration units
  • liquid from packaged meat products,
  • the presence of thick layer dust on shelves and fans,
  • presence of food debris.

– the absence from product labels of indications of the presence of potentially allergenic ingredients in products prepared in shops and other deficiencies in the labelling of products made in the establishment
– the presence of freezer burn on frozen products or ice build-up in the packaging
– use of scales without regular metrological checks
– the marketing of different types of pickles (in vinegar), with no indication of the origin of the vinegar, and the fact that they are presented as pickles in vinegar and the list of ingredients states acetic acid.

Last week, following an inspection of the Cora establishments, the ANPC proposed the closure of two establishments for a maximum of six months.
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