The Government will launch the “Rabla Classic” and “Rabla Plus” programmes on 4 February

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Environment, Water and Forests Minister Barna Tanczos said that this year’s edition of the “Rabla” program will start on 4 February, on Green Friday, and next week the Ministry will have all the details, Agerpres reports.

“In a few days, the “Rabla” program for the 2022 – 2024 version will be finalized. We have promised the industry associations predictability and we want to present a program that aims not to close the doors immediately after the money ends, but a phasing and predictability in terms of funding and the benefits of such a program. There are currently measures in place to encourage those who want to buy new cars, including to support the domestic car manufacturing industry. This year’s “Rabla” program will be launched on Green Friday, 4 February. The program, as proposed, will probably be ready tomorrow. Next week we will have all the elements and we will present them,” Tanczos said.

In 2021, the “Rabla Classic” and “Rabla Plus” programs started on 26 April for both individuals and businesses.

Last year, the “Rabla Classic” scrappage premium was increased from 6,500 lei to 7,500 lei, as was the eco-bonus for hybrid technology – from 2,500 lei to 3,000 lei, and the CNG/LPG/emissions below 96 grams CO2/km eco-bonus – from 1,000 lei to 1,500 lei.

In the new edition of the “Rabla Plus” program, the scrappage premium of €10,000 for “full electrics” and around €4,500 for plug-in hybrids has been retained, but not more than 50% of the value of the new car. Those who wanted to give up an old, polluting car and buy an electric vehicle could benefit from both the 7,500 lei scrappage premium granted under the “Rabla Classic” program and the eco-label allocated under the “Rabla Plus” program.

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