Betting on “green” in Energy: Enel Green Power built 5,120 MW of generation capacity in 2021

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Enel Green Power (EGP) has built 5,120 MW of generation capacity in 2021, including for the first time 220 MW of battery storage capacity, the company announced, according to Agerpres.

This figure represents an increase of 2,014 MW (+64.8%) compared to the renewable capacity built in 2020.

EGP also set a record for renewable energy generation in 2021 with its approximately 119 TWh, of which 55.4 TWh wind and solar energy, up 9 TWh from 2020, 57 TWh hydropower and 6 TWh geothermal energy.

Projects under development have reached around 370 GW, which includes renewables, energy storage systems (BESS) and capacity already in execution.

“In the near future, we will accelerate sustainable development in line with Enel Group’s Vision, which foresees a total renewable capacity, including that stored in batteries, of around 154 GW by 2030,” said Salvatore Bernabei, CEO of Enel Green Power.

The new renewable capacity built by Enel Green Power on 31 December 2021, includes around 70 plants, mainly wind (2,596 MW) and solar (2,238 MW).

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