Circular economy in the Telecom industry: Orange announces that it will sell refurbished phones

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A new Orange campaign from the series of green initiatives would allow customers the opportunity to buy, exclusively online, refurbished top smartphones, which emphasizes the commercial principles of a circular economy, Agerpres reports.

The campaign is carried out together with the Recommerce partner and offers customers the opportunity to buy exclusively top-notch, refurbished smartphones online. Available at “attractive prices”, smartphones come with a 12-month warranty. “The company thus aims to help reduce the impact of e-waste on the environment by increasing the portfolio of refurbished phones,” the company notes.

The campaign includes premium devices previously owned by other users, which have been refurbished and brought as close as possible to their original condition.

“Romanians are among the well-informed buyers when it comes to purchasing a new gadget, and they very attentive at the quality of the product. They are the type of users who read online reviews, evaluate product features and carefully compare prices. Our refurbished smartphones come in perfect shape and condition, with a 12-month warranty and are priced much lower than new devices. Therefore, they are a very attractive option for smart buyers “, said Gregoire Vigroux, co-founder of Recommerce Romania.

According to the mobile phone company, refurbished smartphones such as iPhone 8, iPhone Xs or iPhone XR are available exclusively online at prices starting at 9.5 euros / month.

“The refurbishment of a smartphone consists in the process of bringing back a used product in a very good working condition, by cleaning, replacing and / or repairing the main components. The same process ensures that changes are made to the appearance of a product, so that the differences between it and a new phone are, as far as possible, imperceptible “, explain representatives from Orange .

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