Romanian startup Metabeta attracts a first round of investment of half a million euros

Marius Ursache si Vlad Bodi_Metabeta

Metabeta, a data-driven platform for managing investments in startups, received a seed round of financing worth a total of 500,000 euros. The investment round was led by Neogen Capital and completed by 15 other business angels. The funds aim to develop Metabeta into a marketplace for investors and startups based on machine learning.

The company was founded by Marius Ursache and Vlad Bodi in 2019.

“With the funding received, we will accelerate product development,” explained Marius Ursache, Co-founder and CEO of Metabeta.

Metabeta helps startups create a detailed profile and present all relevant business data to investors. With the technology used, investors (business angels, investment funds, accelerators) can manage investment opportunities more efficiently, evaluate them on the basis of objective data, available in real time, and thus make more informed decisions.

The capital received will be used for the development of Metabeta in a marketplace where potential investors will have access to a selection of recommended startups in which they can invest, having complete information about them, as well as a scoring & matching system and data in real time about the best investment opportunities in all of Central and Eastern Europe.

Currently, Metabeta has over 4,500 users (startups and investors), a team of 11 people and participation in several local and international accelerators (Advancing AI by Google & Techcelerator, Startup Wise Guys or DMS Accelerator).

Marius Ursache (co-founder and Chief Executive Officer) has founded companies such as Grapefruit or Eternime and teaches at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Singularity University and Techstars. Vlad Bodi (co-founder and Chief Product Officer) founded companies such as Maxcode, Thinslices or Hppy and was VP of Growth of one of the largest B2B marketplaces in Latin America.

Following the investment received, Neogen Capital holds 12% of Metabeta’s shares, and the 15 business angels share 8% of the startup’s shares. The majority shareholders of Metabeta remain the co-founders of Marius Ursache (57.2%) and Vlad Bodi (22.8%).

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