ANRE announces new rules for electricity operators

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The National Regulatory Authority (ANRE) has adopted the Procedure for determining the available capacity in the electricity networks for the connection of new electricity generation plants.

The reason for approving and drafting this regulation is the need to determine the available capacity in the electricity networks, by establishing uniform and non-discriminatory principles and criteria for all electricity network operators.

The Order establishes:

– The rules for determining the available capacity in electricity transmission networks and electricity distribution networks at voltage level 110 kV.

– Rules for the transparent and regular publication by the transmission system operator of data on available capacities in the transmission and distribution systems at 110 kV voltage level.

– The deadlines and frequency of publication of data on available capacities by network operators as follows:

  • monthly from 1 April 2022;
  • bi-monthly from 1 July 2022;
  • weekly from 1 October 2022.

The order published by ANRE sends a clear message on facilitating the transfer of useful information to potential investors in electricity generation capacity through transparency and publication of available capacities in electricity networks.

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