Dacia Spring, the best-selling car model in November on the Romanian car market

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Car registrations in Romania fell by 13.38%, deepening the crisis in the car market, which is, as of this month, below last year’s level. According to Profit.ro, the decline will most likely deepen in December, as there is no prospect of production returning to pre-crisis semiconductor levels.

Romania is thus one of the few countries in the world to have an electric car on sale. The electric car produced in China and sold by Dacia in Europe under the Spring brand has registered a volume of 1,195 units, 110 more than the Dacia Logan. This means that Dacia’s national brand takes over four places in the registrations top, as the Duster and Sandero are in third and fourth place.

Even so, Dacia is down 14% compared to 2020, despite having one more model on sale. One explanation is the chip crisis, which has Logan down a massive almost 50% year-on-year.

Most likely, the plant has postponed production of the models on order in favor of the Sandero and Duster, which are exported and generate higher profits for the company.

The other models that also made the top of the registrations list in November were the Ford Focus, which saw strong growth, doubling its sales to 361 units (up 117% on November 2020), the Renault Clio (down 23.7% – 328 units), the Renault Captur (down 8.4%, with 296 units), the Hyundai Tucson (248 units, up a big 112%), the Toyota Corolla (212 units, up 58%) and also from Toyota the small CH-R, with 207 units and up 27%.

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