Datanet Systems has taken over the majority of the shares of Red Dot Cluj Napoca. The new entity wants to develop in Transylvania

Dragos Stroescu, Administrator Datanet Systems & Mircea Pop, Administrator si Proprietar Red Dot

Datanet Systems, integrator of complex IT&C solutions and systems, member of the Soitron Group, has acquired a majority stake in Red Dot, a Cluj-Napoca-based company. Through this transaction, Datanet Systems aims to develop its operations in Transylvania and to provide more timely services to customers in this region across all lines of business.

Founded in 2005 by a team of experienced professionals, Red Dot provides integrated IT&C products, services and solutions tailored to specific business requirements, including design, installation and maintenance for voice, video and data infrastructure: structured cabling systems, communication networks, audio/video systems, security systems, Smart Home and smart building solutions.

“We are very happy to have taken this step of expansion in Romania with Red Dot. It is something we have been pursuing for a few years but it has not been easy to implement. Datanet Systems has always offered great quality to its customers and a partner that embraces this culture was not easy to find. Now we will focus on offering customers in the central area of Romania direct access to the solutions in the company’s portfolio, complemented by the local presence of our specialists”, said Dragoș Stroescu, Datanet Systems’ CEO.

The acquired company will be managed as an independent entity under the name Datanet Systems Cluj SRL. The current management and staff structure will be maintained and all ongoing contracts will continue as normal.

The two companies have agreed on a development plan for Datanet Systems Cluj, which foresees the growth of the team and the expansion of the portfolio of solutions and services offered to customers. Prior to the transaction, the companies had a long-term collaborative relationship, successfully executing several telecommunications infrastructure commissioning and maintenance projects.

“The world has changed. The way we work, the way we shop and entertain, the way we communicate, the way we travel, the way we live, all are different even from how they were a few years ago. Today, information of all kinds is at our fingertips and digitisation has become a necessity for companies and organisations. Under these circumstances, the consolidation of Red Dot with Datanet Systems is beneficial first and foremost for the end-customer, who will benefit from an enhanced experience and a much improved range of services, as well as for both companies, together having the resources, expertise and geographical coverage to serve customers efficiently and quickly with a diversified portfolio of IT&C products and services,” said Mircea Pop, Red Dot’s CEO and owner.

Datanet Systems was assisted in the acquisition by Dinu Petre and Associates law firm. The newly created company will be 51% owned by Datanet Systems Bucharest and 49% by the current owner of Red Dot SRL. The transaction price was not disclosed.

Founded in 1998, Datanet Systems had revenues of €26 million in 2020 and, together with Datanet Systems Software, employs 125 people.

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