Energy Minister: we haven’t seen huge price increases / Official statistics: electricity up 25%, gas up 20%

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Energie electrica

In the midst of a debate over rising electricity and gas bills, Energy Minister Virgil Popescu said Tuesday that he has not seen “very large price increases” on energy bills.

Virgil Popescu explained that gas bills are low during the summer and the “stressful” period caused by the heatwave has passed.

“We have seen price increases, but we have not seen very big price increases. If we are talking about natural gas, in August and September there is very low consumption, if we are talking about electricity there was a period of consumption and energy stress due to the heatwave and that has passed. To give you an idea, we are talking about 4.5 million households with an average consumption of 50 kilowatts”, said Virgil Popescu at the end of the discussions with other state institutions about the increase in energy bills.

The discussion led by Prime Minister Florin Cîțu with representatives of the Ministry of Energy, ANRE, ANPC and the Competition Council took place against the backdrop of rapidly rising electricity and gas prices.

The increase in prices was also officially noted by the National Institute of Statistics. The NSI shows that electricity has risen by 25% and gas by 20% since July last year, pushing up inflation to 5%.

Prime Minister Florin Cîțu also acknowledged the rapid rise in energy prices, speaking on Tuesday of “a paradox – we are in Romania, where energy production is mostly done by state-owned companies. State-owned companies, people appointed to political positions and yet people have to understand that the price of the bill made by state-owned companies has increased. We need to explain to people why prices have gone up.” (Photo: ANRE)

sursa foto: ANRE

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