Florin Cîțu announces that he does not support the 1% surtax on large companies: Such a tax is not justified. In the pandemic, the budget was supported by these companies

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Florin Citu, Palatul Victoria

Former prime minister and PNL president Florin Cîțu said on Tuesday that he said in Monday’s coalition meeting that he does not support surcharging large companies 1% of turnover.

The former prime minister, who was also finance minister in the Orban government, said such a tax was not justified and recalled that during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic these big companies were the ones who supported the budget.

The former prime minister also said that he did not understand why a new form of green certificate was needed and that such a change would make the coronavirus vaccination campaign more difficult.

Cîțu also said that there had been no discussion of a possible increase in doctors’ salaries, but that a pay reform linking performance and income was included in the PNRR.

The PNL president also said that there is no budget version yet, and about the 5% VAT reduction for Gcal during winter, Cîțu said that it should be seen if this decrease can be supported by the budget.

Main statements:

  • From my point of view, I do not support such taxation (1% surcharge on the turnover of large companies, editor’s note). Of course I supported this in the coalition.
  • How many companies would be targeted, how much money it would bring in: So on paper I can write a lot. It is not justified in the economic context, we had the economy closed for 2 months, the budget was supported by such companies. There is no place for such a tax. It is supported by the coalition partners, if the Prime Minister agrees. It’s about turnover tax vs profit tax.
  • Where will the money com from for the allowance increases ? We don’t have a budget version yet, I told you that what we discussed in the government program is about 13 billion additional lei. We will see what the budget version is.
  • Will today be the budget version? The Minister did not present a budget version yesterday, we are waiting for it. There is no antagonistic position, I have committed myself to reduce the budget deficit, it is a strategy that we have discussed with partners, it has been accepted and rewarded by the rating agency by being raised from negative to stable.
  • Budget revenues are 20 million lei higher than at the beginning of the year and 50 million lei higher than last year. There are additional sources of revenue.
  • A new green certificate, assumed by Parliament. I asked to see the other draft, I understand there were discussions with the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister would agree to this new draft, I have not seen it. I don’t know why another form of certificate either. Any other project at this point I think will delay the vaccination campaign. But let’s hope it is a very good project that will pass very quickly.
    MPs’ trip to Dubai: I think they have been invited, they have had all the consents respected, I don’t see a problem.
    VAT reduction to 5% on gigacalorie. Yes, there is a discussion for a temporary reduction, I suggested a discussion with the European Commission, to see if the measure is ok and can be supported by the budget because it means a reduction to the budget, any reduction has to be discussed with the European Commission. Two or three months? Initially it was two months.
    Should doctors’ salaries go up? There was no discussion yesterday of any pay rise, there is a pay reform in the NPRP that will link performance to income.

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