Mastercard and Waze working together on project to bring card payments to small road-side merchants

Carmen Radu apr. 19, 2021 0 comentarii
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The payment company Mastercard and the online platform Waze have started a project through which they want to bring card payments to small producers who sell their products on the side of the road, the agency reports.

Through the partnership with the online platform Waze, small local producers would benefit from market exposure, given that they do not have the opportunity to reach large markets. In turn, they would have POS’s and allow card payments for their products.

“Using the Waze app during the trip, potential buyers can see on the online map, in real-time, all the producers registered in the campaign who sell products on the side of the road, in front of the house or the garden. There will also be a dedicated pin and a short description on the map for each registered merchant so as to be easily identified directly in the application. Also, the project will be promoted through street billboards near the locations where the local producers are located “, the two companies show.

Each local producer entering the program will have a POS, so that cardholders can pay electronically for the products. The Mastercard partner for the project is the My Transylvania Association, which supports small local producers in Romania and aims to increase the Romanians’ appetite for local products.

The campaign presents the stories of local producers who are part of the program, through a series of short video testimonials on a dedicated website.

Any local producer can register for the project on, and get in touch with the representatives of the My Transylvania association, who will offer them the necessary support.


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