Mobile phones were the most purchased product on credit in 2021. Romanians buy the latest phones, TVs or new furniture

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The most purchased product category in 2021, through credit, was represented by mobile phones, with more than 56 million lei financing, shows the data of an analysis conducted by a non-bank financial institution, Agerpres writes.

Credex IFN has made a top of the categories of products purchased through consumer goods credit during 2021, nationwide, from the network of Altex, Media Galaxy and Mobexpert stores.

“Last year, the most purchased product category, through credit, was mobile phones, with over 56 million lei financing. Then, TVs and laptops were at the top of the shopping list, in installments, for Romanians. These were followed by other categories such as washing machines and dishwashers, refrigerators, and large cooking appliances (ovens, cookers, etc.). The furniture category also occupies an important place in the ranking, ranking 7th, ahead of coffee machines, air conditioners or central heating,” the analysis shows.

Thus, the total value of loans for consumer goods in 2021 was more than 161 million lei, up 64% compared to 2020. In mid-2021, Credex IFN became the main financier of loans for customers of the aforementioned retailers.

Romanians buy the latest models of phones, TVs, or furniture

“This ranking reflects the preferences of Romanians when it comes to shopping for electro-IT products and furniture. The top results show that Romanians are interested in technology and are investing in the latest models of phones, Smart TVs or new furniture for home comfort. Buying products on credit remains an option for many retail customers,” said Traian Baicu, General Manager Credex IFN.

Of the total purchases, through credit, 91% were made in physical stores in the country and 9% online, through the Mobile App or Credex website. November 2021, marked by Black Friday, was the month with the highest online purchases, at 26%.

“The average credit period is 22 months and the average loan amount is 3,100 lei. In terms of customer profile, both men and women were interested in electro-IT products, respectively 52% men and 48% women. The average age of the customer who took out a loan for consumer goods is 39 years old,” the analysis also shows.

According to the quoted source, the most expensive product purchased through credit was a Samsung TV worth 14,500 lei and the cheapest was a phone worth 350 lei. Non-bank financial institutions (NFIs) are an alternative to traditional banking services because they offer a simplified, digitalized, and fast financing process.

The ranking was made taking into account the value of products purchased in 2021, for all contracts concluded nationwide, in all Altex, Media Galaxy, and Mobexpert stores.

Foto: Pexels

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