SURVEY Wages up to 20 percent higher than 2019 in the Hospitality Industry

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Salaries in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry (HoReCa) have increased by up to 20% compared to 2019 claim more than half of the representatives of companies participating in a survey, according to data centralized by online recruitment platform eJobs and cited by Agerpres. In some cases, average salaries exceeded 4,000 lei. Despite the fact that a fourth wave of the pandemic is expected, more than a third of  the employers in the HoReCa industry say that recruitment volumes will increase in fall.

“The labour market has recovered to pre-pandemic levels, and in some areas businesses have surpassed this level. Although employers in HoReCa are still experiencing difficulties in recruiting, we are optimistic that the salaries and benefits, as well as the rehabilitation of the industry’s image, with its opening at full speed, will attract candidates to this sector again”, said Roxana Drăghici, Head of Sales at eJobs Romania.

As for the benefits that employees in HoReCa can take advantage of, these have been diversified over the last year. Almost 60% of employers offer meal vouchers, 32% offer holiday bonuses, 24% pay for transport and just as many offer training to improve skills.

According to eJobs, at the height of the summer season, employers in the HoReCa industry are still finding it difficult to recruit. More than 85% of respondents to the latest eJobs survey say they are currently recruiting, but candidates are slow to show up.

Some 44%  of the respondents have up to 5 open positions at the moment, a quarter of them need up to 10 new hires, and 17% have up to 20 open positions. This is despite the fact that the benefits on offer are becoming more diversified and salaries have increased compared to 2019, a similar year to 2021 in terms of recruitment needs.

According to the eJobs survey, labor shortages in the HoReCa field are driving companies to turn to importing labor, with 23% saying they are already using this solution to meet their recruitment needs.

“Employers in Romania have been facing the problem of importing employees from abroad since before the pandemic, especially those in HoReCa or manufacturing. Although last year recruitment of foreign employees was put on hold due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the lack of candidates led employers to return to this strategy,” explains Drăghici.

The main reasons employers are facing recruitment challenges are the loss of candidate confidence in HoReCa, a sector that has been destabilised over the past year and a half, and the lack of candidates with relevant experience.

The survey was conducted in July among representatives of 102 HoReCa companies, general managers, HR managers and entrepreneurs.

Translated from Romanian by Service For Life S.R.L.

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