Energy suppliers: a nationwide blackout is highly unlikely

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A general blackout across the country is very unlikely to occur, as there is automation in place to avoid it, said Tuesday Laurențiu Urluescu, president of the Romanian Electricity Suppliers Association (AFEER).

“Blackout is a technical term, but I see it used lately as a term used in relation to the market. In general, blackout means a technical failure of a piece of equipment, which propagates and thus leaves a certain area of the grid in darkness. To have a blackout at the country or European level, as we have heard or read in the press, is very unlikely because there is islanding automation, there is much automation that avoids this,” said the president of AFEER, in a conference organized by

He explained that a blackout caused by a lack of energy is not possible.

“There may be a higher price and the supply method may be cumbersome, but I don’t think there is a real blackout due to lack of energy,” Urluescu pointed out.

The supplier representative also cited the experience of Romanians during the communist period, when there were multiple power cuts to reduce consumption.

“Unlike other European countries, we also have this experience. We hope we will not end up with this,” he said, quoted by Agerpres.

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