Recruitment platform: Employers fear that it will be harder to find people and that jobs abroad will once again become the first choice for specialists and skilled workers

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Many employers expect the employee turnover rate to increase in the autumn, another cause for concern for recruiters is that they will again have difficulty finding candidates or that jobs abroad will be the first choice for many specialists or skilled workers, according to the latest survey conducted by eJobs and quoted by Agerpres. 44% of HR specialists say that employees will demand permanent remote work, and 22% expect an increase in salaries.

“The labor market looks completely different in 2021 compared to 2020 and it seems that we have already returned to a context similar to that of 2018 – 2019, given that, monthly, the employers present on bring to market over 30,000 new jobs, and the candidates regain their position of strength. With a spectacular return of some sectors that were put on standby last year, such as HoReCa or tourism, companies are already starting a fierce battle to attract relevant candidates. In addition, since the autumn, everyone is expecting a comeback and a series of changes in the relationship with candidates and employees. (…) The change that most employers see, but also the one they fear the most is the increase in the turnover rate in companies. Against this background, another cause for concern for recruiters is that they will again have difficulty finding candidates or that jobs abroad will be the first option for a large number of specialists or skilled workers “, say the representatives of the recruitment platform.

According to the quoted source, 44% of human resources specialists say that employees will demand the permanence of the remote way of working, and 22% expect an increase in salaries.

“For a year I said that we are in an employer market and that, for the first time in a long time, candidates and employees no longer make the rules of the game. At the same time, I said that things will not be like this for a long time and that the repositioning of the balance will be done faster than we expect. The time has come, and employers are already making plans for the fall, taking into account a series of changes that will appear very soon or have already begun to appear. For the candidates, it is the good news they have been waiting for a long time, but for the employers an extremely competitive period is announced, especially for the recruitment of those people who fall into the category of key talents. In addition, many companies are emerging from this pandemic with the damaged employer brand, which is why 17.3% of respondents fear that they will not be able to rebuild their reputation, and 42% believe that in order to succeed in attracting key people, they will have to invest a lot in recruitment and employer branding “, said Roxana Drăghici, head of sales, eJobs Romania.

Thus, 38% of the representatives of the HR departments participating in the survey answered that the specialists will find their easiest job at the end of the pandemic, especially since they have not lacked opportunities in the last year either. 24.1% say that highly skilled workers will be highly sought after, 19% nominate IT workers, 10.3% inexperienced young people, and 8.5% unskilled workers.

“But there are also positive effects that recruiters expect, and the main one is related to the way in which the candidates’ approach to a job has changed. 67% of respondents believe that they will see candidates who will come to interviews with much more realistic expectations than before the pandemic. 24.5% put on the same list the hope that they will have much better-prepared candidates in front of them. At the same time, he hopes that, come autumn, the employees will find their emotional balance, encouraged by the economic recovery and the relaxation of the restrictions “, says Roxana Drăghici.

The survey was conducted in May on a sample of 120 specialists and human resources managers.

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