Romania imported more than 2,100 MW of electricity on Tuesday; the stock market price reached a new historical record

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Romania imported more than 2,100 MW of electricity on Tuesday, while the average price on the stock exchange reached a new historical record, according to Transelectrica and OPCOM data, analyzed by Agerpres.

The peak level of imports was 2,101 MW and was recorded at 11:00, after which it started to fall slightly.

At 15:00, imports stood at 1,795 MW. Consumption had reached 7,618 MW and production 5,823 MW.

Domestic generation was provided by hydro – 1,725 MW, nuclear – 1,368 MW, hydrocarbon – 1,272 MW, coal – 1,221 MW, photovoltaic – 129 MW, wind – 73 MW, biomass – 62 MW.

On the spot market of the OPCOM energy exchange, energy for delivery on Tuesday averages 1,155 lei per MWh, which is a new historical record.

The highest price will be recorded at the peak consumption from 18:00 – 19:00 and will be 1,577 lei per MWh.

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