Romanian startup Humans attracts $9 million funding round through private cryptocurrency sale

Sabin Dima, CEO Humans

Romanian deep tech startup Humans announces the attraction of $9 million in funding through private cryptocurrency sales. Lead investors include entrepreneur Răzvan Munteanu, one of the most active investors in the blockchain space, and Elrond Research, the investment arm of Romanian blockchain company Elrond.

“Our plan is to continue investing in innovation so that we can enable anyone to create anything they can imagine, without any constraints of time, space, budget or skills, combining blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will make it all based on governance and transparency for all AI models generated on the platform,” said Sabin Dima, CEO Humans.

Humans is a platform that integrates data and technology to generate unique AI models and use them as an API (application programming interface) by the business community. The technology thus enables app developers to use AI models by paying royalties in a fair way to both technology and data providers.

The announcement comes shortly after the company announced the launch of a unique technology called Proof-of-Human. It validates that a human is behind every AI decision and uses blockchain technology to encapsulate each AI in an NFT (non-fungible token), thus providing a management and governance interface for that AI.

The initial focus of the Humans platform is synthetic media, which enables the creation of voice, image and gestures of individuals without the need for physical presence called digital DNA. From this digital DNA, audio and video content can be created from scratch using artificial intelligence. For example, your audiobook can be narrated by your favorite actor, or a video production can be created very simply without the help of an entire team of cameraman, video editor or presenter.

“Production studios, advertising agencies and any content creator can access the licensed digital genome, create rich media content and automate personalized results in one place. Innovators can publish and generate money from A.I. in a ready-to-sell environment that handles data management and all the necessary integrations. Anyone can license their digital likeness, voice, gestures, dance moves or any other skill, and content creators can use any combination to create synthetic actors and highly personalized media,” Dima added.

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