Cernavodă power plant provided a third of the country’s energy production on Sunday morning

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Energy generated at the Cernavodă nuclear power plant accounts for a third of total national electricity production on Sunday morning, according to data on the state of the national energy system, posted in real time on the Transelectrica website, Agerpres reports.

At 10 o’clock, nuclear reactors were producing 1,401 MW, or 31.3% of the total. This is followed by hydropower with 23.53%, coal – 21.98%, hydrocarbon – 11.89%, photovoltaic – 10.01%, biomass – 1.09%, wind – 0.20%.

At that time, national consumption was 5,643 MW, production – 4,543 MW, the difference of 1,093 MW being imported.

Also, the price of energy for delivery on Sunday on the OPCOM spot market averages 659 lei per MWh, with a peak of 1,050 lei per MWh between 19:00 and 21:00.

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Foto: Centrala nucleară de la Cernavodă (sursa: site-ul oficial)

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