Euro reaches a new record: 4.9495 lei

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The European currency reached a new historic high against the leu on Tuesday. The exchange rate calculated by the National Bank of Romania (NBR) was 4.9495 lei/euro, up by 0.10 lei (0.02%) from the previous rate.

The previous record was reached on 7 September, when the euro reached 4.9488 lei, up 0.13 lei (0.03%) on the previous rate.

The dollar appreciated to 4.2188 lei, up by 0.17 lei (0.04%) compared to the previous rate of 4.2171 lei/dollar.

The leu/franc exchange rate rose by 1.49 lei to 4.5738 lei/franc, compared to Tuesday’s rate, when one Swiss franc was worth 4.5589 lei.

A gram of gold rose on Wednesday by 1.4066 lei to 240.9126 lei from 239.5060 lei, as announced in the previous session.

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